We Give You The Vantage Point So You Can Optimize The Performance Of Your Investment Portfolio With Confidence.

The Power To Navigate The Uknown

No matter how good the data or how strong your hunch, investing is still a gamble. There are so many variables at play that will decide whether you see your return or not. You hope the potential you see is the real deal. But what if there was a way to see the variables you can’t see right now so you know you’re making the best decision possible?

How would having such a resource impact your decision making process, the shape of your investment portfolio and/or your confidence in expanding your assets?

Crown Capacities is a boutique consulting firm that helps venture capitalists, angel investors, and wealth management companies improve the quality and performance of their investment portfolio using a proprietary diagnostic process called Wealth Code Optimization (WCO).  Wealth Code Optimization uses core parameters to assess the probabilities of success between an investor and the company targeted for investment. These parameters support investors to make the greatest decisions possible regarding their investments.


Wealth Code Optimization

Inherent to every individual and company is a Wealth Code; which is the way that particular individual or company is designed to generate and amass wealth.

When adhering to an innate wealth code, the act of generating wealth becomes more precise, effective, and efficient.

WCO focuses on ensuring the wealth code of the individual venture capitalists and the companies they invest in are in the highest alignment to produce the best results in terms of return on investment as well as the impact the company will have in the marketplace and beyond.

This diagnostic does not replace the due diligence research that venture capitalists perform to vet their investments. Instead, the WCO diagnostic adds a deeper layer of analysis into what is unseen by the data.

The world of investing is changing every day. While the initial data on an investment may look promising, there are numerous factors that can determine whether an investment will work or not.

Investors can be caught off guard by things that either the data did not reveal or wasn’t relevant until it was too late.  Wealth Code Optimization shows you what you can’t see now so you can make better decisions.

Wealth Code Optimization is for out of the box thinking Venture Capitalists who are willing to work in the next dimension of portfolio investment analysis. Those willing to explore alternative approaches to capturing that additional edge and those looking for the ultimate edge.

How We Can Help

We help you and/or your organization:

  • Identify current investments with the greatest potential.
  • Re-evaluate investments experiencing sub optimum performance.
  • Validate any new potential investments under consideration.

Crown Capacities provides analysis on:

  • Investments that are wasteful and stagnating, requiring too much energy/money for the potential return.
  • Inefficiencies and other disruptive issues associated with certain investments (personality clashes, leadership/cultural challenges, etc).
  • A more synergistic alignment of fund/investor wealth code with the companies in the portfolio – making fund operations more effective and efficient.
  • Potential investments where there is not enough quantitative information.
  • Best options to pivot from past decisions or undesired results.

Ready To Optimize Your Investment Portfolio?